Partnering with a local aromatherapist, Organic Yoga Girl wanted to develop a cream that caters to the needs of Yogis in Hong Kong. Countless times have all of us come out of a hot yoga class, having our facial pores cleansed by the workout. However, no cream would be moisturising enough to fully enhance our skin.

DOSHA SKINCARE was developed to provide for that need – but of course everyone, non-yogis included, will benefit from this cream.


1. Sourcing

Developed through research in partnership with qualified aromatherapy experts, each face cream is free of anything that could harm your skin!

Our promise to you: Everything is organic!

2. Sterilising

Next to the purity of ingredients, a sterile and clean way of preparing the jars, in which you will receive your skincare, is of the utmost importance within out production process.

Our promise to you: Purity is central to our product.

3. Formulating

Our products are personalised and centred around detoxification, repair and protection, with each item thoughtfully and sustainably designed to work synergistically.

Our promise to you: A holistic skincare regimen.

4. Packaging

At every opportunity, we maintain our commitment to producing products using organic and sustainable materials. Hence, your cream will be packaged in a jar made of glass and bamboo, and will be delivered in a lovely reusable pouch.

Our promise to you: A wholesome and organic product – from start to finish.